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Then you’ve come to the right place! The labor movement is here to help you unionize your workplace.

You’ve already taken the most important step! Deciding to unionize your workplace means you and your coworkers recognize the value of your work and the importance of standing together, and you’re ready to demand more. Forming a union empowers you and your colleagues to fight for better pay, safer working conditions, and retirement security, to combat retaliation, racial discrimination, and sexual harassment in the workplace, and so much more. It’s simple: forming a union means having a real voice on the job.

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The California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO represents over 1,300 unions in California
representing 2.3 million union members in retail, hospitality, and other service sector jobs, janitorial, construction, manufacturing, health care, local and state government, education, arts and entertainment, and countless other industries.

We fight to improve the lives of all working people in California. We’re dedicated to ensuring the labor movement is as inclusive and accessible as possible to every single worker in California who wants to unionize their workplace.